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Our Whale Research

whale research expeditions Our Whale Research Expeditions
"Using our sailboat the ANON, we were able to study the Ocean's Natives without interfering with them nor their underwater world. We watched in silence as they break the surface with ballistic exhalations that gave goose-bumps to all aboard. We watched in silence as they slide, effortlessly, gracefully and silently back into the waters – unperturbed by our presence.
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whale research elements Whale Research Elements
What are the fundamental tasks of whale research?
Understanding the magnitude of the problem is the first step.
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ocean research projects Other Research Projects
"Humanity’s hunger for ocean resources and our vast capacity to exploit them result in unprecedented impact upon the oceans and coasts. The disturbing signs of these impacts can be found nearly everywhere we look. Yet, our laws, government institutions, and governance practices have not kept pace with these changes.
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