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ANON's Whale Research Expeditions

ANON's Research Expeditions can cover a wide range of topics, and some are more 'hands on' than others. For example, ANON's LunaLive project required us to physically install monitoring equipment, but others are conducted from the safety and comfort of our sailing vessel - and all of our research is done opportunistically.

This means that we take advantage of our sail boat's silent operation and take great care that we do not disturb the whales which we study. This is important for several reasons, but chief amongst them are that a) we respect their right to a 'natural' environment - free from harassment by humans, and b) to do otherwise would impose additional stresses on the whales which would certainly change their 'natural' behaviors.

ANON encourages all people on the water to treat the Ocean Natives with this same degree of respect, and to give them the silence they need to thrive in their underwater world.

whale research 2005 - Luna Live, Killer Whale Research Expedition
Orca vocalization study in Nootka Sound, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
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whale research 2004 - Killer Whale Research Expedition in Nootka Sound, BC
ANON's search for L-Pod research expedition on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC.
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whale research 2003 - Humpback Whale Research Expedition in Chatham Sound, BC
Humpback whale identification and feeding behavior research expedition near the Canada / Alaska border.
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whale research in maui 2002 - Humpback Whale Research Expedition in Maui, Hawaii
Humpback whale identification, acoustics and behavior research expedition off Maui, Hawaii.
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whale research in Glacier Bay Alaska 2001 - Humpback Whale Research Expedition in Gustavus, Alaska
Humpback whale identification and behavior research expedition near Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.
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