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Our Sailing Vessel

research vessel sailboat under sail
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research vessel sailboat under sail
ANON under sail, Nootka Sound.   ANON under sail, Queen Charlotte Sound.
research vessel sailboat at dock   research vessel sailboat in vancouver
A C&C Landfall 48. Built in Ontario, Canada.   At dock near Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.
research team
New main sheet rigging, and an alert crew!
research vessel in texada   research vessel at anchor
At anchor in Sturt Bay, Texada Is, BC.   Close up at anchor in Sturt Bay, Texada Is, BC.
research vessel pilothouse   research vessel pilothouse
Pilothouse salon, looking aft.   Pilothouse salon, looking forward.
research vessel pilothouse
Pilothouse, collage.
sailboat galley   sailboat library
Galley.   Library.
Galley, looking aft.   Library, looking aft.

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