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Our Mission

humpback whale lunge feeding
 1. All creatures who were born to, and belong in, the world's oceans.
 2. Marine mammals at risk of extinction due to the acts of man
(i.e. pollution, encroachment, etc.).
 3. Specifically, whales, dolphins, porpoises (i.e. cetaceans).
and in a wider sense, all creatures.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: that all of the Oceanís Native inhabitants are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life within a pristine and healthy marine environment.

To secure this right, ANON was formed to harness the mass of public opinion and to leverage it upon those who are in positions to affect public policy.
humpback research

humpback acoustics research ANON is dedicated to elevating public awareness of the dangers facing our planetís Ocean Natives; to empower our members to ACT NOW in defense of these Ocean Natives; and to conduct research to further our knowledge and understanding of these Ocean Natives.

To elevate public awareness:

  • ANON maintains a website,, which publishes articles, research and other sources of information central to our cause.
  • ANON conducts awareness-seminars, which provide the public with opportunities to meet with and learn from our team of research specialists.
  • ANON creates films for wide distribution, which illustrate issues of concern to our research team.

  • To empower our members to ACT NOW:

  • ANON maintains an opt-in, web-based communications server, which allows our members to easily make their opinions and desires known to their public officials by sending letters and FAXes.
  • ANON offers internships in the field of marine research, which allow individuals the opportunity to get out into the field and to participate in our research programs.
  • Learn more about ANON's internship program...

  • To conduct research:

  • ANON maintains a research vessel (called ANON), which provides the platform for our marine research.
  • ANON manufactures, deploys and maintains scientific equipment, which provides valuable data in our ongoing research projects.
  • ANON shares the findings of our research with a variety of other research organizations, thereby facilitating and accelerating the scientific communityís understanding of environmental impact.
  • Learn more about ANON's whale research...

  • humpback whale tail

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