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Active Sonar Overview

New SONAR technologies being developed by the US Navy and NATO allies (including France, Germany and England) has been linked to the deaths of several species of whales since 1996.

navy sonar
Source: US Navy

What is Active Sonar?


What's wrong with that?

Active Sonar is an anti-submarine technology which emits a very loud pulse into the ocean, and then 'listens' for echoes in order to gain a snapshot picture of all objects within its range.     The problem is that the sound levels emitted are so loud. During Navy tests, whales and dolphins exposed to Active Sonar pulses have died as a result. Deployment of this technology could result in countless more deaths.

US Navy says...

ANON responds...

The Navy Fleet Commanders in Chief (CINCs) have determined that SURTASS LFA sonar is a crucial element of the Navy's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) force and is an asset required for our national security.

LFA sonar must transmit high intensity sound in order to detect submarines at long range... It is highly unlikely that sound levels below 180 dB will cause injury to marine mammals or other marine life.
In July of 2002, President George W. Bush granted an exemption from the Marine Mammal Protection Act to the US Navy to deploy LFA sonar at 240 dB - one million times louder than the 180 dB that the Navy has researched. (see chart) The Navy has published no research at all on the effects that 240 dB will have on cetaceans.

There is documented evidence that exposure to 150 dB & 180 dB LFA sonar tests cause death in several species of cetaceans - including both whales and dolphins. If the world's navies are allowed to deploy at 240 dB, the results could be disastrous for all Ocean Natives.
Source: US Navy Source: ANON Research Team

"The magnitude of this threat is difficult to convey -
most people simply do not realize
that the US Navy is pushing this technology
without performing the research needed
to prove that it is safe."
"If our best estimates are correct
and the Navy deploys this technology
as they are planning, then the effects
upon entire populations of whales and dolphins
could be disasterous."

In order to ensure the protection of the world's whales, several non-profit organizations have filed suit against the U.S. Navy in the hopes of preventing its unregulated deployment. Learn more about the lawsuit to stop LFAS...

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