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LFAS / Active Sonar Technical Information

For those of you who are interested enough to get into the technical details of the LFAS & Active Sonar issue, here are a number of articles which explain the problem.

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navy lfas sonar acoustic trauma
CT Scan showing blood on the brain
of a whale killed by US Navy LFAS Active Sonar
Source: US Navy & NOAA


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Oct, 2005

US Navy

Several environmental groups have once again filed suit contending that the US Navy has conducted sonar exercises in violation of several environmental laws, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the Endangered Species Act.
Nov, 2003

Defense Authorization Bill FY 2003
Congress' bill which grants the Department of Defense exemptions from the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We are deeply saddened by this Bill, and will fight to have this provision revoked.
Oct, 2003

Gas-bubble lesions in stranded cetaceans
Results of necropsies performed on the Cuvier Beaked Whales which were stranded within 4 hours of Navy sonar exercises in the Canary Islands, 2002 incident.
Aug, 2003

Summary Judgement
The US District Court decision that stops the US Navy from deploying LFAS as they desired. Although this was an important first step, this is an ongoing issue.
If you can only read two of these reports, READ THIS TOO!!!
Oct, 2002 Preliminary Injuction
The US District Court finding that the US Navy would most likely be defeated in court on a number of environmental issues related to the August LOA, and should therefore be stopped from deploying LFAS as they desired.
August, 2002 Dept. of Commerce (NOAA) Letter of Authorization to the US Navy This is the official Letter of Authorization which allows the US Navy to deploy LFAS and specifically to bypass legal limits upon the killing of marine mammals (whales and dolphins).
July, 2002 NOAA Final Rule on LFAS Dept. of Commerce (NOAA) Final Rule on deployment of LFAS. Although the government had previously expressed concern over LFAS, following the tragic events of 9/11 2001, national security concerns quickly outweighed most environmental concerns. This document includes answers to a number of questions and concerns raised by independent marine biologists and environmentally concerned organizations who challenge the US Navy's use of science and research.
June, 2002 GAO Report to the late Rep. Mink (HI) This report was filed by the US Navy in response to an inquiry made by the late Representative Patsy Mink (HI) wherein the NAVY admits the need for additional LFAS testing. Rep. Mink was very concerned about the affects LFAS would have upon wintering Humpback whales in the Hawaiian Islands.
Dec, 2001

Interim Bahamas Report
This is the US Navy & US Dept of Commerce (NOAA) document wherein the US Navy admits that LFAS killed the whales in the Bahamas, 2000 incident. Very technical, but gruesome, this article covers all the bases.
If you can only read one of these reports, READ THIS!!!
May, 2001 NOAA Requests to US Navy Dept. of Commerce (NOAA) requests to the US Navy to minimize the killing of whales in a number of environmentally sensitive areas. This document clearly shows that the US government was concerned about the use of this technology even before the US Navy admitted any link to actual whale deaths.

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